Day Seventeen – Satisfying Cravings

I’m not sure what’s going on with my body at the moment but the last couple of mornings, I have woken up absolutely shattered and have thought to myself – do I really need a good body? However, I do pride myself on my ability to ignore these thoughts and just get up and get on with it – and so I did, trekking to the gym in the snow.

When I got there, slightly more awake, I felt much better and decided just to go for it! I actually saw another girl I see regularly in the mornings giving it everything on the treadmill and that spurred me on. I ended up running 5.5k and hammering out the final kilometre at 10.5-11.5km/ph. I was dripping with sweat and it felt amazing! I then continued on my mission for a tight, toned bum with some medicine ball squats – still just 6kg.

Many women are afraid to go near weights for fear of adding size and appearing ‘manly’. Admittedly, I was exactly the same until I started training properly around 2 years ago and realised this was not the case. The sooner you lose that mindset; the better. I’ve always been a cardio bunny but since I’ve started weight training on a regular basis, I’ve seen my body get firmer, stronger and change shape entirely. It’s really nice when things no longer wobble. At the moment, I’m going to keep the cardio in my daily workouts as I love the fatburn but over time I may begin to limit this to once or twice a week as apposed to every day. I’ll need to do my research on strength training first!

I have had really bad cravings all day for junk food; but naturally I was never going to cave and get the takeaway. I had to think of another way to satisfy the cravings without having a cheat meal as such – I’m saving my cheat meal for Sunday! My belly was super happy after today’s intake, particularly dinner:

  • Grapes
  • Orzo Salad
  • Sweet Chilli Lentil Curls
  • Chicken Salad (Lunch)
  • Banana Pancakes w/ Bacon (and a couple with jam for something sweet!)

I have a day off tomorrow and plan to clean my flat and go see the flat we love again! I am unsure if I will work out or take a rest day but I’ll judge that based on how my body feels in the morning. I really could do with the long lie though! It’s been a long week and it’s only Wednesday!


L x


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