Day Sixteen – Mixing It Up

I didn’t get a very good sleep last night. I was restless and up half the night, in the end only getting just over 5 hours sleep (not enough!) As I was so tired this morning, I just did not have a run in me when I got to the gym. Instead I did 45 minutes on what I think is called the epileptical – which is surprisingly harder than it looks. Hammering it out on the treadmill I used to look at everyone on these machines thinking; are they actually working that hard? And I could feel others doing the same to me today, but I’ll never think that again! I only managed just over 2km but managed to burn over 350 kcals. I performed under half the distance I usually would on the treadmill but I could really feel the burn on my glutes and thighs and I war dripping with sweat when I finished, so it definately works!

I may try to incorporate this into my week of workouts to keep it interesting. The last thing I want is to get bored of the gym. It’s also essential for my progress to keep my body guessing and prevent any kind of plateau.

I treated myself to a couple of new gym tops on the way to work this morning (just from Primark, nothing fancy) but I realised I didn’t have enough for the week now that I’m working out regularly and was running around like a mad woman midweek trying to get my gym gear washed. Now I don’t have to stress. There’s also something physcological for me about having pretty gym clothes! It makes me feel good and I work out harder when I’m in that positive mindset. I will need to invest in some new leggings soon as the pairs I have are becoming a little loose as I’m losing weight. However, I don’t want to purchase yet as I’m saving that as a reward when I get to a certain point in my journey. I’m also trying to reign in my spending given that I’ll be purchasing a flat in the very near future. I’ll need the cash to furnish that rather than kit myself out with the latest Nike wardrobe. I’m also a strong believer in rewarding yourself in other ways than through food, so for me it’s a great goal to work towards. However, I’m by no means dissing the concept of a cheat meal – I love them!

Today’s intake consisted of:

  • Black and Red Grapes
  • Melon and Pineapple
  • Sweet Chilli Lentil Curls (a great susbstitute for crisps)
  • Chicken with Couscous
  • Small Cottage Pie w/ Salad

I’ve been slacking recently with my meticulous meal planning. As I had a busy weekend I didn’t do a meal plab or food shop for the week and ai do feel as though it has thrown me off my game a little. The last couple of nights my dinners have been a last minute affair. It’s eating away at the control freak inside me! I need to get back to my planning and prepping to ensure I’m continuing to make healthy choices.

Let’s hope that I get a better nights sleep tonight and am ready to hit the gym hard tomorrow!

L x


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