Day Fifteen – Feeling Energised

In the past I have suffered from a serious lack of energy and lethargy, which I now put down to poor diet and my sleeping pattern. I was either eating far too little or binging on rubbish. I would also then be up half the night or napping throughout the day (not saying there is anything wrong with the odd nap). However, since altering my eating habits to incorporate a clean, healthy way of life; I have seen a massive difference in my energy levels; they’re more consistent.  I am still tired when I get home at night (which is expected) however, I no longer experience massive highs or lulls in energy. Right now, I’m exactly where I want to be; in an amazing cycle where I’m feeling motivated. I’m motivated to excercise and in turn I’m seeing results which then motivates me to keep eating right, which then gives me the fuel to work out more; and so it continues.

The key for me was making this a lifestyle, rather than a gruelling diet which I would eventually give up on. There’s no way I’m giving up on this. I feel amazing, my confidence is coming back and I am just generally happier. It’s not only a physical journey for me, but a mental one too, where I’m eliminating previous bad behaviours and thoughts!

With my positive attitude becoming more prominent every day, my workouts are also increasingly productive. This morning I ran 5km at 10km/h. I then focused on my core and my arms. My baby guns are coming on brilliantly. There’s nothing I love more than seeing a girl with toned arms!

Today I ate quite a lot:

  • Black and Red Grapes
  • Melon and Pineapple Slices
  • Sweet Chilli Snack a Jacks
  • Chicken and Couscous
  • Cajun Chicken and Potato Wedges

..and I picked at the fridge this evening.

I’ve had a really long day and had a flat viewing after work at 7pm, meaning I didn’t get home ’til well after 7.30! I grabbed a quick and healthy ready meal from Marks and Spencers thinking I’d just fire it in the microwave when I got home. I then realised it actually took 20 minutes to cook in the oven – I could have cried. So I ended up picking at bits of ham, a half eaten cereal bar etc. I hate doing that as it always makes me feel like I’ve eaten loads more than I actually have. I prefer to be able to accurately track what I’ve had.

But tomorrow is a new day and I’m ready for it!

L x

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