Day Twelve -TGIF

I’m never one to live for the weekend; but this week has been exceptionally long and tiring! Work has been quiet and the days are dragging. I much prefer being rushed off my feet. On top of that I’ve been juggling the gym and flat viewings; and as a result of my head going at 100mph constantly, I’ve been crashing out at 9pm every night! Tonight’s no different. I’ll be getting an early night so that I can get on with things and enjoy my day off tomorrow.

I value my sleep A LOT; I’d never been a morning person due to an erratic work schedule (late nights or early mornings) but since my job changed in July and I started working regular hours, I’m going to bed earlier and it’s not as much of a struggle to get up in the morning!

Despite being tired this morning, I powered through and worked really hard in the gym! I ran 6km, upping my speeds even further and once again finished off with medicine ball squats – 6kg. I really am on a mission to give my behind a good shape – especially for this weekend. I pushed myself a lot this morning with the aim to finish off the week on a high; and I feel like I have achieved that. Now it’s time for lots of rest and recovery ahead of Monday!

I have been eating more and more recently to fuel my workouts:

  • Grapes
  • 2 Easy Peelers
  • 1 Red Pepper and Sweet Chilli Hummus
  • Tikka Chicken and Couscous
  • Chicken w/ Fajita Seasoning, Peppers and Onion
  • 2 Squares of Dark Chocolate w/ Ginger

I have a super busy weekend ahead; going out for dinner tomorrow evening as a little Valentines treat, getting my nails done, flat viewings, meals plans and food shopping! It’s bed time at not even 9pm!

L x

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