Day Eleven – Positivity vs Negativity

Having decided to give up negativity for Lent – I’d say that today has been pretty successful. My attitude has completely changed towards my body, training and nutrition. I was in the gym this morning and I have definately begun to see changes in my body. My muscles are tighter and I’m generally more taut than I have ever been!

I’ve given up on the idea of being ‘skinny’ and I am loving it. I’m never going to be 6ft tall with long thin legs and the sooner I accept that, the better – and I’m okay with it now. I’ve learned a massive lesson in self-love over the last week or so. Be you and learn to embrace it!

This morning I ran 4.5k and then decided to focus on my core – using a workout programme designed by Kayla Itsines (the Australian fitness phenomenon). My abs are killing now; it hurts to laugh, cough etc but I love the burn! I then threw in a superset of medicine ball squats just for good measure (and Valentines Day is coming up!)

My intake for today was:

  • 2 Easy Peelers
  • Ski Smooth Yoghurt
  • Graze – BBQ Smokehouse Pack
  • Packet of Cooked BBQ Chicken (Lunch)
  • 3 Egg Omelette w/ Reduced Fat Cheese, Ham and Tomatoes

My sore body is off to sleep before the last early rise of the week – HOORAY!

L x

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