Day Ten – Lent

I am by no means religious, but from a young age everyone I know seemed to give up something for lent (whether they were Christian or not)! My friends would give up chocolate and forget after 2 days as they were tucking into a Dairy Milk for a morning snack!

I’ve attempted to sacrifice various things over the years; anything from bread to chocolate or crisps and not once have I been successful! However, those things I used to aim to give up for 40 days (failing after less than a week) are now no longer even a part of my diet. I can’t remember the last time I ate a crisp or a slice of bread! With this in mind I’ve decided that this year I will not be giving up anything foodwise as I don’t have anything more to give up! I’m confident that everything I am putting into my body is healthy and providing me with nourishment. Instead, I have decided to let go of any negative thoughts I have towards my body! I will not hate my body but rather love it; because I’m feeling stronger and amazed by the limits to which I am able to push my body!

There is also a lot of phsycology around the concept of telling yourself that you ‘can’t’ have something – this makes you want it more. I managed to beat this through never banning foods as such but rather choosing other, healthier options! This is one of the ways in which I eliminated chocolate from my life. I used to crave Dairy Milk and I could easily eat a pretty big bar in one sitting, so I started buying dark chocolate (which I hate) and whenever I had these cravings I would have a tiny square to satisfy the sweet-tooth. It’s the longest chocolate has ever lasted in my drawer as I never go back for more because I don’t like the taste! That’s my little dark secret, so to speak.

I had a great morning in the gym; running 5.5k and squatting my ass off! I’m upping my speed on the treadmill and pushing myself every  day, with a view to run10k comfortably! When I reach this stage I want to start entering races, both for charity and to challenge myself. I love having something to work towards.

My food intake for today was;

  • Easy Peeler
  • Ski Smooth Yoghurt
  • Sweet Chilli Snack a Jacks
  • Leftover Fajita Chicken (last night’s dinner)
  • Fillet Steak w/ Asparagus, Tenderstem Brocolli and Tomatoes (Dinner)

Getting up at 6am is getting easier but tonight I’m waiting on a washing (with all my gym and work clothes) to finish in the machine and I’m off to bed for an early night!

L x

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