Day Eight – Monday Motivation

I’m exceptionally disappointed in myself today. I didn’t get up to work out before work. I was starting an hour earlier in order to finish at 5 to go to my flat viewing (which we hated) and I should have gotten up and gone a run.. but I stayed in bed!

Brandon got in from watching the Superbowl just half an hour before I was due to get up, so I was woken then and I rolled over for a cuddle instead! There’s no excuses really, I’ve let myself down but I’ll be sure not to let this knock my rythym!

As I didn’t work out today I made sure to keep a careful eye on my intake:

  • Easy Peeler
  • Black Grapes
  • Nutrigrain Breakfast Bake – Raisin
  • Chicken and Couscous
  • Salmon w/ Asparagus and Tenderstem Brocolli

Tomorrow’s a new day! I’ve read countless articles about this time of year being the time when everyone gives up on their New Years Resolutions and January diets! Don’t let that be you! The trick is to find something that works for you and is sustainable. A diet shouldn’t feel like you are starving yourself or banning foods you love; make sure it’s just you making healthy choices and reap the benefits. The transition into this lifestyle is a difficult one, but perseverance will be worth it in the end! I no longer want to eat the foods I used to love and crave; I prefer to put good, nutritious food into my body!

My three top tips for a sustainable healthy way of life are:

  1. Set yourself a goal or a number of small challenges. Having an end goal and giving yourself something to work towards puts each stage of the journey towards it into perspective. I’m not talking about anything unrealistic like ‘lose 10lbs in 7 days’! Make sure it’s something you can see yourself achieving and calculate how you are going to achieve it! Any bumps in the road (like I’ve had today) can be brushed off easily by looking at rhe bigger picture – one bad day doesn’t entirely offset the goal!
  2. Remember that something is better than nothing! There’s some days where that workout or low-calorie meal may seem unbareable, but as long as you’re making some effort you’re always one step closer to achieving the results you want! Can’t face the run on the treadmill; get off the bus a few stops earlier and walk to work! Chicken and Veg just not doing it for you? Try adding some seasoning or a small amount of sauce to spice it up a little! Every day you make a healthier choice (even if it’s not the healthiest choice) is a day that you are changing yourself and becoming stronger!
  3. Focus on the Feel Good Factor! I love the high after a great work out or after I’ve made a good choice in terms of nutrition. That feeling is my greatest motivation! I thrive on it and crave it; spurring me to run further, lift more or eat better!

With every set back there’s a come back! See you at 6am!

L x

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