Day Seven – Sunday’s

So true to my word I’ve had an exceptionally lazy Sunday after having a late night last night. I had a genuinely amazing night with family and I didn’t compromise my diet! I took my chicken and asparagus in a tupperware in order to avoid the Indian! I stayed sober and was the designated driver – which I really enjoyed as I’ve not long passed my test so any hours I can log in the car is a massive help. I think I could get used to it actually. It’s also an amazing feeling waking up without a hangover or that bloated feeling after a takeaway!

We booked our annual trip away – it’s always a weekend away in the UK. This year we’re going to a beautiful country house in Moffat in April! There’s 15 of us going so it’s always a busy, fun-filled trip; I’m already so excited! As much as I love a beach holiday you can’t beat long walks in the country and Scotland’s scenery! I’m a real outdoorsy kinda girl and these experiences mean everything to me! Adventures with those you love > Everything.

This weekend of relaxation was exactly what I needed after a hectic week of early starts, even if I have felt a little guilty about how little I’ve done. However, it’s been the perfect oppurtunity to recooperate before another busy week. Long showers and a little pamper afterwards go a long way!


I will of course be continuing with my 6am workouts next week as I’ve found this to be far more effective than going to the gym after work. I’m actually really excited to throw myself back into it and I’m loving how my body is changing even after such a short time. My confidence is coming back and it’s improving my mood as well!

My food intake for this sedentary day was:

  • Easy Peeler
  • Chicken and Couscous
  • Skinny Metcalfes Sweet N Salt Popcorn (Mini Bag)
  • Smoked Haddock Fillet w/ LemonĀ Couscous

Not only am I busy with the gym and work next week, I’m also going to a couple of flat viewings! Brandon and I are moving out of our rented flat in March and we’re looking to buy. I’m feeling really nervous as I don’t know what to expect but I love both of the properties we are going to see. It’s an exciting time for us and I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life.

Whilst everyone else will be up late watching the Superbowl, I’m having an early night so I can get up early!

L x

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