Day Six – Weekly Meal Planning

This morning I didn’t get up until 9am – still early for a Saturday but total bliss! I chilled out in the morning, catching up on some TV that I missed throughout the week!

I love spending my weekends writing a meal plan and shopping list for the week; I find it really therapeautic! Then after a long shower and pampering session I headed off to Sainsbury’s to stock the fridge!

My trolley is always filled with around 50% fresh food, meaning it’s super colourful and healthy! I plan all of my meals for the week before going shopping in order to cut down the time I spend in the shops. It also means I’m not choosing to buy any food based on cravings or emotions. If it’s not on the list, it doesn’t go in the trolley! It also helps me stick to staying healthy after long and busy days; I simply have to eat what I have bought for that night and there’s no room for error.

Tonight I’m going round to Brandon’s Aunty’s house for a family night, where all his extended family get together to catch up! I absolutely love these nights as we all get on so well and it’s always a laugh spending time with them! As he has such a large family and there is so many of us, it became a tradition that noone should cook so we’ll always get an indian or chinese takeaway! Tonight, I’m looking forward to going but I’ll be taking a tupperware with some chicken, asparagus and brocolli. I love both takeaways but I’m making a concious decision to bow out this evening as I always feel guilty afterwards and I don’t want any setbacks to my progress at the beginning of this challenge!

Today’s food intake is;

  • Strawberry Ski Smooth Yoghurt
  • Chicken and Couscous
  • 1/2 Graze Veggie Protein Pack
  • Chicken w/ Asparagus and Tenderstem Brocolli

I’ve just woken up from a nap so I’m off to get ready for tonight.

Happy Saturday!

L x

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