Day Four – Chicken Cravings

I have now managed to settle into my routine of getting up at 6am to go to the gym. It’s not necessarily getting any easier (if anything it’s getting harder as the week goes on) but it certainly feels less alien. I see the same people every morning and there is something quite comforting in knowing that there is other people in it with you.

I performed 6.5k on the treadmill today, which felt great as I know I’m getting fitter and stronger. There literally is no better feeling than when you’ve finished your workout, are covered in sweat and you know you’ve worked your ass off! My head is 100% in the game and I’m confident in the progress I’m making!

Then I got to work and was hit straight in the face with temptation; in the form of a giant Costco birthday cake! 40,000 kcals of sugary, buttery goodness! It sat next to me all day whispering ‘eat me’ but I managed to remain strong – I’m really proud of myself for this. Fortunately one of the other girls in my office is eating well too so it helped keep me on track.

So after resisting cake all day, my intake for today was:

  • Nectarine
  • Easy Peeler
  • Nutrigrain Breakfast Bake (Raisin)
  • Hickory Smoked Chicken
  • Chicken and Couscous
  • Graze BBQ Bites
  • Omelette w/ Cheese, Ham & Tomato

I had to stop at M&S on my way to work this morning to buy extra chicken as I had some serious cravings for it. I don’t worry so much about calorie content when I know that I’m fuelling my body with protein, which is only going to further my progress in the gym! I ate it at around 12pm which was perfect to keep my hunger at bay until lunch. I can totally see myself turning into someone who eats chicken for breakfast.

And after a long, chicken filled day I am desperate for my bed at only 10pm!


L x



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