Day Three – Tupperware Dining

After falling asleep on the sofa last night watching TV when I really should have gone to bed, getting up at 6am this morning was a struggle. My legs were feeling pretty sore from yesterday and tiredness from a busy few days was setting in but I decided to soldier on. I planned to at least walk on the treadmill which I figured was better than nothing! Brandon telling me he was proud of me just as I was leaving to head to the gym was also just the boost I needed to get on with it!

However, once I get something into my system I’m an all or nothing kinda girl and as soon as I hit the treadmill I thought to myself; well I’m here now, I may as well run so I ended up doing 6km (an extra 1km more than usual!) I was too sore to attempt any weights this morning but I’m glad I went to work out and pushed through the pain. It’s mind over matter and I’m embracing the mental challenge as well as the physical side of this journey! That said, a rest day may be on the cards for tomorrow.

Today’s food intake was:

  • Melon and Black Grapes
  • Sweet Chilli Snack a Jacks
  • Chicken and Couscous (Lunch)
  • 2 Squares of Dark Chocolate
  • Salmon w/ Carrots, Brocolli and Asparagus (Dinner)

I eat my lunch from a tupperware or flask every day, which to a lot of people seems tedious or boring. I am provided with a staff meal in my job but I much prefer to make healthier choices by bringing my own food. It’s also easier to track my intake rather than trying to guess calories/what’s in my food. Typically I’ll have homemade soup (I’ll share my recipes soon) or some form of salad and chicken. I have found that working out daily has increased my appetite and I definatly crave protein and substance in my meals more than I used to!

I have to excercise some serious self control in the office on a daily basis to avoid snacking too much or indulging in the biscuits/chocolates/chips that get passed around. I tend to bring fruit, a cereal bar or ricecakes and popcorn to keep me going until I get my lunch break at 2pm!

I’m always looking out for new snacks around or under 100kcals, meaning I feel like I’m eating in volume and more regularly! I’ve spotted ‘Graze’ snack boxes in the supermarkets and I’m super excited to buy and try these. They have a great range available including flavoured nuts, spicy bites and protein packs. I’ve tended to avoid nuts in the past due to their high fat content. Admittedly, I’m a little scared of the red labels on food but going forward I’m going to give them a go in small quantities.

Another tiring but successful day down and it’s about time I hit the hay!

L x



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