Day Two – The 2 Litre Challenge

This journey is all about challenging myself, so with that in mind I’m setting myself a new daily goal; to consume 2 litres of water everyday and stay hydrated! I’m prone to migraines and problems with my kidneys so I’m hoping this will help, as well as keeping my body detoxed.

I used to survive on sugary, fizzy energy drinks – namely Lucozade which was doing nothing for me in terms of hydration and left me constantly thirsty. Since eliminating this from my day I have noticed an improvement in my headaches and energy levels. From now on I’ll be turning to our good friend H2O and green tea as staples in order to make sure my thirst is quenched. There was also no need for me to consume half of my daily calorie intake in drinks! I’d much rather save those kcals to fuel my body properly with food, giving me more energy.

My gym session this morning was invigorating! I was tired by 9am and dreaming of bed but you just can’t beat that post workout high!

Today’s session my was similar to yesterday but I incorporated more of a full body workout. I introduced squats back into my routine as I really don’t want to lose my bum with all the cardio! I even added a small 5kg weight to make it harder and more effective. My legs and glutes are certainly feeling the burn so I may have to work in a rest day tomorrow but I shall see how I feel at 6am.

After work, Brandon’s (my boyfriend) Mum and Stepdad came round to our flat for dinner. Cooking for others allowed us to be a little more flexible with our meal which was great! It was like a cheat meal without the guilt as it wasn’t really too bad.

My food intake for the day was:

  • 1/2 a Naked Cacao Crunch Bar (raw and sugar free!)
  • Ski Smooth Yoghurt
  • Easy Peel Tangerine
  • Pineapple Chunks
  • Sliced Tikka Chicken – Lunch
  • Thai Red Chicken w/ Long Grain Rice – Dinner
  • A Square of Dark Chocolate with Ginger


I consumed well over my 2 litres of water for today; made easier by the new water cooler installed in my office! Day 2 has been a success and I’m ready to take on Day 3!


L x


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